Dedicated in fostering holistic growth in students and helping them become well-rounded individuals,
Donnah focused on building an empathetic, inclusive and fun classroom in the three years that she had managed a primary school in the Philippines.

She is a certified Biological Science teacher as well as passionate English as a Second Language instructor
who has assisted her students in making exceptional and noticeable development in their language competence. She is also juggling her time doing academic research while pursuing a master’s degree in educational management.

She likes inter-collegiate debates, singing solo or in choirs, reading and collecting novels, writing
amateur poetry, hoarding brown pens, listening to podcasts and most of all she loves coffee.

You can find her sitting in the floor of a bookstore reading, in a nook of a coffee shop sipping coffee
while updating her bullet journal, walking in a park with her white earphones on or maybe in an aisle of
a shopping mall browsing for stationeries.